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Frogger’s got game!

on October 20, 2012

Frogger plays as many sports as our time and money will allow.  One season, against my specific instructions, he signed up for baseball, track and band.  Never mind the time constraints, when was he going to eat, sleep or do homework?   With three other kids, how are we even going to manage getting him to and fro?

We do love to see him play.  When he was just a chubby little six-year old, he played basketball in the Upward Bounds program.  He knew nothing of the game except that there were kids, a ball and he got to run around.  He has always been a big guy and his gross motor skills took a while to catch up to his height.  (He was my height when he was in second grade.)   He was actually pretty terrible at basketball, clumsy and awkward.  But this kid was passionate!

Once, after he had been up all night with an asthma attack, he kept insisting that he couldn’t miss his basketball game.  “My teammates NEED me,  Mom!”

Except his teammates never even passed him the ball… ever.

So we suited up and patched him up the best we could and off we go.  During the first half of the game, he struggled to get up and down the court.  At halftime, I tried to convince him that he had done his best but he needed a rest.  He would have none of it.  I was groaning and cringing to myself about the consequences of pushing through the whole game.  I was a ball of nerves.

The second half of the game was the same story.  He was having a hard time breathing, struggling to go up and down the court and never got the ball.  All of a sudden, he stops, looks around and pulls something from his pocket.  At first, I thought it was his inhaler and he was going to use it right there in the middle of the game.   I took a closer look and was horrified to find that it was his Power Ranger nunchucks.

I guess he was bored with the game because he started practicing his ninja moves.  I hear the other parents in the crowd saying things like:  “What is that kid doing?!”  “What in the world…”  The laughter starts to rumble through the crowd and Jacob now thinks he’s now the star!  The more the crowd commented, pointed and laughed, the better he thought he was doing.  Frogger’s got game!

So he needed to work on his focus a little, but he had heart.

Frogger before the game

His current passion is Football.  Frogger plays left tackle on the offensive line at his high school.  He played last year, but was on the B team.  He worked diligently all summer by working out, eating right and sprouted another couple of inches.

We did a lot of talking about how he was going to organize his time and if he was going to try and fit Marching Band in with Football.  We talked about spreading himself too thin and being mediocre at many things or great at one.  I try to play the role of “supportive mom” and not try and worry about injuries and performance.  After all, it is HIS passion, not mine.

Football season comes around this year and he is prepared!  I see his excitement build as practices progress and his first game approaches.

Now that I have told the setting, tomorrow’s topic “Football Parents: Why are you yelling?  Is there a fire?”

2 responses to “Frogger’s got game!

  1. I laughed when I read your story about Frogger’s basketball game and the Nanchuks. Kids are so much fun…except when they’re not. You’re braver than I am, being supportive of the team sports. Parents really freak me out at the games and events. They’re out of their minds. Looking forward to you next post!

    • lindakaye71 says:

      I know, right? Some parents take the game so seriously. I don’t get it. They seem to forget the most important lessons of playing in team sports. This year is a doozy, for sure.

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