Life just doesn't get any better…


AKA Jake, Jacob, Jakey

Frogger is the prankster of the bunch.  Being the middle froglet doesn’t make him an introvert.  Playful and cheeky, this big guy makes his presence known!  His super powers are:


endless energy;

power of pursuasion;

infectious laugh

musical skills: trumpet, drums

At a mere 15 years old, Frogger’s massive 6’4″ frame hulks over Mr. Magnanimous.  Also equipped with a strong morale code, he is the champion and protector of the little froglets.  Watch out for his power of strength though!  A friendly jab could send you reeling to the floor.  With his endless energy and super strength, Frogger thrives on lots of activities and requires plenty of nourishment.

Frogger pairs well with Super Frog and their combined super powers compliment each other well.  Frogger is most often spotted on the football field, playing baseball and shooting hoops … or just running anywhere!

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