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New word for the day: Dumb-assery

Framing Grey

It’s kind of like when I made up the word fuckery when talking to teenagers.

Fuckery – verb; synonyms, trouble, danger, trickery; ex. make me bail you out of jail

“Don’t be getting into any fuckery while you’re out!” Or “Keep the fuckery at a minimum guys!”

Dumb-assery – verb; stupid, dumb ex. making a bunch of T-shirts for an awesome gig, everybody wears them, taking no pictures

BFE Rock Club was awesome and the guys put on a great show. Here are the only pictures I have that sort of shows the T-shirts.

I mean … seriously … There were 56 people that showed up and almost all of them had Framing Grey t-shirts on. How did I not get more pictures of that?


It was a busy, but fun night. The guys started the show with Colossus, a powerful intro that demands attention and so much fun…

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On stage at Acadia

What fun we have here!

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Now that’s a good song!

Summertime is fun time!  Framing Grey is booking gigs for this summer in Houston.

Can I just say how excited I am?  They sound good!

Nick on vocals ——->>>>>>>

“The Widow” by Mars Volta

Nick Blevins – Vocals, Guitar
Jake Blevins – Drums
Herb Ochoa – Bass


How to keep sane while working from home…

When you have kids and family demands, working at home seems like a good idea, right?  Here are some of the pros and cons, and how it really works.

The pros:  I work from home.

I am available any time anyone needs me.

The cons:  I work from home.

I’m available any time anyone needs me.

For example, I have a simple transcription job this morning that should take about three hours.  I usually save the transcription work for when the kids are home.  It doesn’t take too much brain power, but I do need uninterrupted interrupted (over and over again) time to finish it.  I figure that it should be easy-peasy.  Not so fast, girlfriend, you are about to be humbled:

Here’s how it has gone so far:

7:30 am

Get out materials, coffee, pens, paper.

Download needed files, set up Word doc.


(Rats!  Everybody is waking up already.  It’s SATURDAY people!  During the school week, it’s murder waking you up.  I better clean the kitchen up before everyone makes it worse.)

Clean kitchen.

While I’m cleaning the kitchen, Tadpole says, “Hey mom, I’ll help you by doing some of your work for you.”  And she proceeds to type furiously in my new document, asking questions and updating her progress every five seconds. “What do these red, squiggly lines mean?”  “I have 56 words already!”  “I bet you are so, so happy that I’m getting this started for you.”

Did she say, “I’ll help you by rinsing dishes”?  No.


More coffee.  Kiss Tadpole on the head and shoo-shoo her away from my computer.  (She’s cute, what can I say?)

Start a new word doc.  Begin working.


Tadpole and Froglet are laughing/fussing/crying/grousing loudly at each other.  Break up fight.  Froglet mutters, “shut up” to me under her breath. (She’ll pay for that later.)


Back to work.  I’m really getting into it now.  I’ll be finished in no time.


“Hey mom, do you know where the clippers are?”  “Mom, are there any tamales left?” “Can I play my game?”  “We want to workout in the garage, but it needs to be cleaned.” “Can you help me with my ponytail?”


Current time:  2:48 p.m.

Work completed:  1 hour


Here’s how you pay back the mouthy child that likes to say “shut up” to her mother.  While I’m helping Froglet with her ponytail, a discussion about the birthmark she has on the back of her shoulder/neck area.

She says, “I’ve never seen it.  I don’t know what it looks like.  Take a picture for me.”


It’s cute, right?

“Let me trace it for you, so you can see it better.”

Froglet, “Wait!? Is that a sharpie you are using?  That won’t come off.  Don’t.”


Froglet, “MOM!”

“Okay.  I’ll just trace it a little.  You can’t even see it in the picture.”


Froglet, “Why are you getting another color?  You already traced it and took a picture.”


“What are you doing?  Gawd, mom!”





Oh snap! My family was SHAMED!

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Howdy from Houston!

Not sure how this blog is going to develop so I’ll start with telling you a little about me.  I am a 41 year old southern lady who’s been attached to a fantastic fella for over 20 years. I have four great kids (AKA The Froglets.)  I have a son in college, a son in high school, a daughter in junior high and a daughter in the Elementary school.  I have all the flavors of the parenting experience and I love it.  More on them later… much more!

Being a Mom is my most important job, but it is only part of who I am.

I like to write and I like to talk, A LOT.  I expect that I will be long-winded and belabor most any point I need to make.  I know all the grammar rules and like to break them on purpose.  I love to use sentence fragments and put commas where I damned well please.  I’m a rebel that way.  So no need to call foul on my flagrant abuse of grammar rules.  (See there?  I just fragmented a sentence.)  I will alliterate, use clichés and end sentences with prepositions, bank on it.

I am a voracious reader and I love it when I come across a writer who has a talent for writing in a way that is unique and interesting.  Dean Koontz is so quirky in his Odd Thomas series that it just makes me laugh.  I enjoy him so much.  As this blog develops, I am going to figure out an interesting way to share what I’m reading and find out what everybody else is reading.  (Might be fun to have an online book club or discussion.)

Since I find myself with “free” time in between shuttling kids around, I decided to familiarize myself with social networking, blogging and how to build a better website.  I love independent study!  The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself.

I’m a curious person.  I like to know things about my world.  I like to have a question and answer that question with multiple angles.  I am interested in the dynamics of our society, what makes people tick, my children; their issues and the issues of their friends.

And I’m annoyingly thorough.  Ask my kids.  If you are a friend of one of my kids on facebook, I will know your business.  Don’t post something and then be all bent out of shape because I read it.  Honestly, that’s what the filters are for.  If you don’t want every joe-schmoe reading your personal business, either add security or don’t post stupid shit!

I have a strong mind and I am not looking for child-rearing or relationship advice.  And it is a bad, bad idea to try to convert me to some religion or share an opinion about my spiritual life or percepted lack thereof.   I have a brain and I use it, end of story.

So there’s enough about me for now.

Howdy from Houston!


(I had a different introduction prepared but Super Frog read it and was less than enthused.  Guess that means it was boring?)


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